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PVC Strips

Standard Strips and Polar Strips


6/2/20241 min read

PVC Strips
PVC Strips

Standard PVC Strips

MANCO happily provides a great range of toptier PVC strip curtains Saudi Arabia. These Strip curtains are made using only untouched compounds. They have been tested and certified to make sure they're in line with all the local and international rules and laws. You can find them in 20cm and 30cm widths and 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 4.5mm thicknesses. PVC Strips available in 50-meter rolls. The added parts are made from Standard 305 Grade Stainless Steel, promising no rust for a long time.

PVC Strips Curtains are needed for warehouses, loading docks, supermarkets, and cold storage places in Saudi Arabia for inexpensive safety method. PVC Strips also offer great temperature control and insulation, which aids in keeping a good working atmosphere while decreasing power bills. The PVC strip curtains Saudi Arabia are simple to put in and look after. They come in different sizes and thicknesses. PVC Strips can be made to measure for any area and can be easily swapped if they're damaged or worn out.

PVC Polar Strip Curtains

Polar PVC is a good choice for chiller se­ttings. Why? It’s a great insulator. This cuts energy waste­ and cost. No matter how cold or warm it is, from -40°C to +48°C, these strips and pane­ls won't break or crack. They stay bendy. You can use­ Polar PVC Strips a lot for strip doors, curtain doors, and walls in cooling rooms. You find them in cold storage, fridge trucks, re­staurants, dairy chillers. Anywhere food is se­rved in Saudi Arabia. Want the best PVC strip curtains Saudi Arabia? Manco has what you ne­ed. These products are­ perfect for tempe­rature control and insulation.