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Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains

Welding PVC strip curtains

Manufactured from 300mm x 2mm welding grade PVC strips, (ISO EN 25980) our made-to-measure welding curtains are ideal for environments requiring separate welding bays.

They have been specifically designed to protect against welding 'flash' and dangerous radiations and projectiles emitted by welding activity.

By screening out hazardous UV rays and welding flash, our high quality welding grade PVC provides optical protection from the possible damage to eyes caused by welding and offers fire protection from sparks and hot metal projectiles.

Our welding PVC curtains are transparent but colored in red. These curtains also reduce airborne noise by 30dB.

Welding PVC Strips
Welding PVC Strips
Welding PVC strips

available in a thickness of 3mm
300 mm (11.81") wide
can be cut and punched to the desired size
can be supplied in 50 meters (164' 0.5'') long rolls
can be supplied with or without hanging systems
hook on tracks and plates can be galvanized or stainless steel

Welding strips and welding curtains offer the same visual protection. The choice is determined by the mechanical load which the separation is exposed to. We recommend using welding strips for large or frequent mechanical loads.

Our Welding PVC Strips has been specifically designed to protect people from dangerous radiation and projection from hot metal during welding. This Strips are available in RED colors with us.

RED PVC Strips
RED PVC Strips